Forest Claudette – Motor in the Sand

We’ve all had those moments where we want to embrace chaos rather than swerve away from it. We want to drive head first into the danger zone, knowing what the consequences might lead to but throwing caution to the wind anyway, because what great memory starts with ‘I decided to do the safe thing.’ Sometimes a detour is all we need to help get our journey back on track, that’s certainly the case for Forest Claudette anyway as he unveils his latest single.

Motor in the Sand is the Australian-American artist endorsing going hard with no regrets. From start to finish he’s firing all cylinders. With his lusciously toned voice having the charisma of a seasoned performer, along with the production having an insatiable rhythm that gets your body moving like you’ve just ‘your song’ come on at a club, Claudette makes sure to leave an impression. Lyrics like, “Run myself dry, I’m a motor in the sand — like goddamn that’s a fool’s life, but goddamn, that’s a good time,” make an impact your, making you want to make sure this summer is one for the history books.

The visuals only hype the piece up further. Opening with Claudette driving with some friends before taking a little detour, and launching into a fully choreographed dance break that wouldn’t feel too out of place in an early 2000’s Disney Channel musical. Short but sweet, Forest Claudette always knows how to leave his fans begging for more.

Motor in the Sand is my ‘choose chaos’ song. It centres around this energy of turning into the skid. When you don’t know exactly what you’re gonna do next but you feel like there’s time for a quick detour or maybe you can’t turn away from it. It’s an acknowledgment of the destructive ideas and feelings I had in my head at the time as well as some of the people around me.” 

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