Kleo – I Love This Movie

Danish singer-songwriter Kleo’s debut EP I Love This Movie is a collection of four beautifully constructed songs pieced together for a uniform listening experience. Kleo’s infatuation with movies was the key influence behind this project, she presented her music to us in four scenes of life. Each track represents a different defining emotion, experience, or feeling from dreaming to heartbreak. 

Kleo starts us off with “Lucid” which may be my favorite single off the project. The intro is a beautiful collection of piano notes, which sound hopeful, glitzy, and dreamlike. She’s done a great job of capturing the film style of her music right from this intro, it could easily set the scene for a main character’s moment of pure happiness and hope. As we’re carried into Kleo’s strong yet gentle vocals her lyrics speak of larger-than-life thoughts and dreams. 

Following this strong intro, we have three more tracks “Miss You”, “Broken Hallelujah”, and “Beautiful Life”. These three pieces explore themes of turning darkness into light, hopeless romantics, and stepping back to appreciate the small moments in life. The lead single is “Broken Hallelujah” so definitely give it a listen. This track has a soft guitar strum, over Kleo’s more melancholy tone, as she speaks of “the one who got away”. 

Kleo has a few tracks already released across all platforms which are worth diving into as well. This particular EP is quite an exciting release as it’s her debut project and also a body of work that showcases a more refined sound. She has a gorgeous voice and has found a production style that compliments it greatly. Listen to I Love This Movie, find your favorite, and follow along with Kleo’s journey!

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