VALLEY GRL has impressed me previously with her rebellious antics. Refusing to be labelled as only one genre she pushed back against conventions to become a sonic enigma, taking subtle elements from a wide variety of genres to form a smorgasbord like soundscape that refuses to be identified as one sole genre. She refuses to conform and that’s why her sound has been so fascinating to watch over the past couple of years. Consistently growing, she’s become an artist who’s message you don’t have to question because it’s all there for you to behold. She makes music that makes you feel seen, even if you feel like you’re completely invisible and YOU HAD TO BE THERE… is a project which shows this perfectly.

Documenting her struggle with depression and anxiety as well as a recent heartbreak she went through, this project will put you through the wringer. You’ll go through a wave of emotions that never feel forced upon you, it’s an organic process where her swelling electronics, industrial beats, effervescent vocals and forthright lyrics all come together to let you experience a cathartic release. Each word she utters finds a way to make a strong connection with you, allowing the connection she’s formed with you to become everlasting as a result. VALLEY GRL makes it clear that she’s going to be here for some time and we’re all here for it.

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