KiD RAiN – I Hope You Never Fall in Love Again

Ever since his debut in 2020 KiD RAiN has consistently impressed me with his contagious pop hooks that wriggle their way into your mind and refuse to leave for months on end. It’s been a marvellous journey to bare witness to, seeing him go from relative obscurity to his music consistently popping up on my Tik Tok thanks to his Dad’s genius idea of sticking Shrek in the background of one of his videos. Now we’re seeing him hit his creative stride, confidently flexing his songwriting muscles like a world champion body builder, he isn’t afraid to show in cheeky nature in the revenge break up anthem I Hope You Never Fall in Love Again.

His charismatic vocal performance is what makes this single standout from the crowd. He isn’t afraid to inject every bit of himself into his delivery, making it reminiscent of those late night chatting sessions where you proclaim all the horrendous things you wish to happen to your ex, allowing him to feel like a close friend in the process. The buoyant production comprised of foot tappingly good melodies gives off an air of YUNGBLUD whilst still feeling like his own distinct sound. This is a future stadium anthem, I can easily envision an army of people belting that hook out for all to hear as they vent their own frustrations, “I HOPE YOU NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN!”

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