demotapes – Gravity

Following his lofi-house, summer anthem of a track “devotion,” demotapes delivers delightfully uplifting melodies alongside buzzing synths in his latest single, “Gravity.” The introducing notes are a bright and crystalizing welcome to the ethereal soundscape that quickly follows it. They’re the perfect way to pull the listener into the colorful, energetic drop of electrified sounds and punching drums that bring the song to its peak moment. The vocals feel like a fresh breath of air, enveloping the audial space, granting the track its multidimensional feel. This multifaceted nature of the song completely transports you into a dreamy realm–similar to the timbre found in Porter Robinson’s latest project Nurture. Every element of the track comes together to create a pixelated, RPG soundtrack-like tune; one that could easily be the loading screen music that welcomes its player into a virtual, lovely, little world. Each time “Gravity” starts up, I can’t help but bounce my head along to the enticing melodies, sound design, and overall mystical feel of the composition. It’s truly a gravity-defying soundscape; I can close my eyes while listening along and feel as if I’m floating.

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