Sweeney – Get Back

Following his solemn and sweet single “Moonlight” with artists CMTEN and carpetgarden, Sweeney delivers a shocking change in pace with “Get Back.” It’s so different from his other music; nothing like the melodic, hyperpop-infused “Snow,” or the iconic indie-inspired “Popstar.” It’s in a completely different lane, but it’s still Sweeney. “Get Back” is the manifestation of frustrations felt towards people that actively pray for your downfall, all packed into one angsty anthem. Sweeney’s cold, monotone vocals chime with cowbells in a counter-rhythmic fashion, introducing the intended tone of “Get Back.” This musical conversation’s tone paired with the loose guitar creates a nostalgic feeling. I just watched Surf’s Up (2007) and it could fit right in with the rest of that cinematic masterpiece’s soundtrack—if you ignored the fact that the first line gets straight to the point with “The fuck you lookin’ at?”, that is.

In a rightfully tantrum-like manner, Sweeney shows us his alternative side as he exclaims his lyrics along with a pounding, flat-hitting ‘dud’ of a bass drum. It pairs perfectly with a chorus that’s simultaneously catchy and in-your-face. It doesn’t hold back, as heard in blunt lyrics like “I don’t want any friends / I don’t want you at all,” and “Get back! You’re poison.” The dramatic nature of Sweeney’s sentiment may seem intense, but it’s his way of declaring that he’d rather have no friends than fake friends. Y’know, sketchy friends. The ‘friends’ that show you no sense of sincerity. As Sweeney puts it, “The song is about deciding to cut off toxic people from your life that seem to only want to tear you down.” Although the lyricism and vocal performance of the song is strong, let’s not forget the song’s other powerhouse elements: the sick guitar solo, and the insanely rhythmic drums that support the song’s drive. The instrumental feels simple, but impactful. Each piece of the whole adds an important layer of sound—in a way that’s not muddy and jumbled, but crispy, loud, and clear. “Get Back” makes me want to open up a pit and drag everyone in with me, with all of the headbanging, middle finger throwing, screaming, kicking and crying—all of it! It’s pure rage that’s been delivered perfectly through an attention-holding song.

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