Brahny – Apollo

Toronto based artist and producer Brian Han, otherwise known his moniker Brahny, like the Avatar himself has returned when we needed him most. Coming back from a 2 year long hiatus, you can immediately see that he’s spent that time honing his songwriting craft to become an elegant storyteller with words that sends shivers down my spine like a documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough. Apollo has a message that will ruminate in your mind long after the tracks finished playing, easily something that will keep you up late at night with the ideologies and deep questions it will leave you asking. It’s raising the question about if it’s actually worth pursuing what everyone else perceives as success if it mean throwing away your own ideologies and self beliefs under the bus in the process. His heavenly vocal over a tender production of silky guitar melodies and atmospheric beats allows the poetic lyrics to wriggle their way into your psyche, making this song become apart of you as Brahny blurs the lines between the listener and the artist. As the delicate number plays on, you’ll soon be losing yourself in the heavenly soundscape and the message he’s delivered like Hermes the messenger god himself.

Taking time out to expand his talents and become a better artist than he was before, Brahny is showcasing his natural musical ability with a returning track that is utterly spellbinding. His past work was mesmerising but his latest addition is simply out of this world.

Apollo is an attempt to decipher the contradictions of growing up and being sold images and stories of success that you don’t necessarily align with. It’s meant to raise a question of whether or not it’s worth pursuing socially established views on success if it means sacrificing characteristics and perspectives that are crucial to your self-identity.

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