Goya Gumbani & Subculture – Valley of Def Feat. Pearl de Luna


Through a wall of melodic keys, dreamy spaced out beats and mesmerising trumpets sombrely playing the blues, Goya Gumbani and Subculture rejuvenate London’s jazz scene with this smokey affair. Both artist’s complement each other effortlessly, with experimental beats littered throughout and whirlwind of jazzy undertones flying by like the Wicked Witch of The West on her broomstick, they know how to make each other shine like the diamonds they are. Valley of Def, which features the heavenly vocals of Pearl de Luna who provides a marvellous hook, soars throughout with the vibes it offers, offering classic British summer vibes with a scintillating production style amidst an array of warmly toned melodies that make this perfect for soundtrack your lounging around in the sun. Raps delivering a tight knit flow of idyllic lyrical imagery and an intoxicating beat section sending me into a bliss filled paradisal setting, you know this introspective number will help so many people wind down after a long day and enjoy their personal time. It’s difficult not to love these two combining forces.

Sparkling and shining like moonlight glistening across the sea, these artists have formed something that entrances you with the beauty it musters. Combining a glossy production that captures the vibrancy of London’s Jazz scene, a dynamic flow and rhythm that lives and breathes the classic smokey Jazz club and a divine vocal to tie it all together. All I know is I need a live show with these artists ASAP.

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