Faaris – Still Sleepin ft. Keralanka

Palpable energy, downright contagious beats and playful lyrics to tie it all together, Faaris and Keralanka don’t miss a beat in Still Sleepin. Seriously, this high octane track goes at 1000 miles per hour from start to finish, never letting you rest to admire the scenery and just lets you be intoxicated by the hyperactive beats that is like Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk mixed with anything by Run DMC and little bit of Macklemore thrown in there. It has ridiculously high replay value, I’ve had it on repeat ever since I stumbled across it and, with the lyrics coming at you in a rapid fire motion like a machine gun, you’ll notice something new that will have you clapping your hands with glee. Ebbing and flowing with the rhythm of the bombastic production, Faaris and Keralanka bounce off of each other, never allowing the other to remain timid and reserved but instead encouraging them to perform like they were on the main stage of a major festival. Honestly when live music is back in full swing again, this will get a crowd moving and grooving with ease.

If you want to turn a funereal atmosphere at a party into one that is hustling and busting, just stick this track on and the room will be filled with a high octane energy that radiates good vibes. Safe to say this will be going on my party, workout or happy playlist I’ve got. Hop onto this and see for yourself!

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