Tamera – Strong For Me


Rather than fighting for love in a one-sided fight where, no matter how much grit she has, she always feels like she’s losing, Tamera waves a white flag and separates herself from the situation she knew she could never win. Coming from a place of strength, Strong For Me is an empowering anthem with the R&B songstresses magnetising vocals belting out a passionate array of striking lyrics with, “I’m so tired of being the only one to fight,” being a true heavy hitter. Eloquently poised, the sentimental slow jam glistens and shines, each note she utters through her honey drizzled vocal glides like morning mist over the 90’s R&B styled production as she makes us feel every ounce of pain this heartbreak has brought her. However, it’s through her openness we see her grow, understanding her faults and figuring out her own self worth in the process. Making sure a mistake where her love is unrequited won’t occur again.

In London’s R&B scene no one is making as much noise as Tamera. Her luscious vocal tone and ability to weave a narrative that enthrals you like the latest bestselling novel, combine to form a emotionally tuned in soundscape that’s unlike anything else around right now. Her evocative feelings are felt through every note she croons and her cult like fanbase are ready to feel every bit of it.

“This song came at the end of a long road of transformation. It was inspired by all the grit we have to go through to get from hard times back to the good ones and how closed off it can make us towards those who are closest to us.”

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