Augustine – Summer Wine

Augustine spends time with the ghosts of his past in “Summer Wine”, an achingly beautiful ballad of longing for romanticised memories. It’s delivered with a stunning music video that truly captures the solemnity of this occurrence, evoking an intense wave of emotions that completely tears out your heartstrings. It’s compact and hits hard, creating an intense and immersive listening experience that pairs with its visual counterpart in a gorgeously cinematic manner. It’s stunning; an absolutely breathtaking piece of collaboration, raw emotion, and the dreadful hollowness that ensues. 

“Summer Wine” tells its own story of a never-ending period of reminiscing. Trapped in a purgatory of day-to-day life without being present, with the focus on what’s happened or what will happen instead of living in the moment. “Oh it would be lovely to hold you, oh my lady love,” softly places down the immense weight of discomfort in this moment of being stuck holding on to what was once had, but is now once lost. The mix of a hearty string and piano accompaniment with Augustine’s electronically produced vocal is the loveliest way to have my heart broken from listening to a track. The beauty of it all is that it’s such a dark ballad that warmly shows this plaguing feeling, as if you’re willingly drinking your own poison; “Summer Wine” is the perfect title for this track. It’s playful and melodic, creating a conflicting sentiment that settles in just right–as if I could cry along to it just for the experience of doing so and completely enjoy the process of it all happening.

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