Whilst lockdown has often felt like a drag for a lot of us, it has produced some wonderful things with the Essex newcomers LOWLIFE being a prime example of this. Born during the first lockdown this project began with countless zoom calls, beats being emailed to each other and probably the occasional drunk quiz (hard to believe we did that for 4 months solid). Now, since lockdown was lifted, they’ve been pushing their DIY spirit to new heights, bringing together their talents and ingenuity to create music, single covers, merchandise and videos to give their unique sonic world a new lease of life.

Their music is best described as unorthodox and FRIENDS embodies that to a tee, with aspects of Latin, Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop being featured through the production as well as a Dr. Dre styled beat and a proper English feel that is reminiscent of Madness. It’s a mishmash of different shapes and sizes that all fascinatingly come together to form a charming sound with a weirdly wonderful charisma that’s hard not to fall head over heels for, especially with the lyrical wit on display here.

Must Read

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