Beachfriends – Cuckoo

When I think of warm, vibrant music that has a sun kissed sound perfect for days by the beach along with a wonderfully lackadaisical vibe that allows the chill vibes to roll on through like the curl of wave, Beachfriends immediately pop into my mind. The trio are renowned for their laidback summer anthems that match the chilled out nature of a Hawaiian beach mixed with a dreamy atmosphere that makes this paradisiacal wonderland almost a reality. Summer road trips just don’t feel right without at least one of their songs being blast through the speakers, heck they even have moments where you and your friends can casually sing along without a care in the world.

Cuckoo is very much a continuation of their scintillating sound but going for a more calm approach this time around. With a lush guitar melody driving the minimalistic production forward with a subtle drum beat backing it up, the honey drizzled vocals can ride over it all like it was catching a pristine wave. Then you’ve got the loved up lyrics that could become a summer coming of age romance film, I’d watch a film called Cuckoo I can’t lie, which are the cherry on top of this warm dreamy affair. Add this to your summer playlist ASAP!

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