Danelle Sandoval – Go


Triangulating between Pink Sweat$, Alina Baraz, and offonoff, Danelle Sandoval makes the sort of guitar-driven R&B that’s simple and elegant as chiffon, each lingering breath laced with romance. On “Go,” the LA-based Filipina singer-songwriter strips her desire down to its bare essentials: soft flecks of guitar, a patient patter of drums and glimmering jangles of a tambourine. “I wanna bring you home,” Sandoval flirts, her runs cascading like fingers down your back, harmonies unraveling like lingerie strings. Three years have passed since her last release with the EP For Love, but Sandoval sounds, looks confident as ever, in full control of her voice and appearance. Hair down, heels on, she sets the tempo slow and steps inside, one come-on flung after another until the moment arrives: “Baby, let’s go, go, go.”

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