Mia Giovina – Time Machine

It’s cliché to say that “everything was so much simpler back then,” but on her second single ever, Mia Giovina spins the passé into something more profound. “Time Machine” feels like that moment in a movie where the protagonist sifts through pictures of their favourite memories—a grainy, overexposed montage of birthday party bouncy houses, 4th of July barbecue and fireworks, ice cream on the playground—and, as the frame of their face fades back in, tears up at what they’ve lost. The New Jerseyan singer-songwriter reminisces about their childhood with a sigh, cradled by soft guitar plucks and a Grey’s Anatomy-ready backing vox of oohs. “Put me in a time machine,” she pleads one last time at the song’s end. And as the piano turns and twinkles, like the spinning glint of a bike wheel, it feels like she’s back home, riding alongside the friends and family she’s parted from under a clear sky.

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