Carol Ades – I Can’t Wait To Be British


You might not know Carol Ades’ name but you’ve certainly heard her songwriting before with the artist penning songs with the likes of Selena Gomez, Benny Blanco, Demi Lovato and Ava Max, so just some of the biggest pop hitters of the last decade or so. The New Jersey raised musician has previously released tracks under her birth name, now though she’s starting a fresh, throwing out the old and stepping into the new as she reinvents herself under her new moniker. Going with a more introspective style, her debut track I Can’t Wait To Be British, already won points with me for the title, is the perfect introduction.

Her unfiltered lyrics read like a diary entry and offer a raw intimate insight into her mind as the passion of her halcyon vocal brings these feelings of inadequacy and self hatred to life, forming an instant connection as a result. Her authentic honesty shows how all our minds work, every success is countered by something horrible, we beat ourselves down every time we succeed because we feel like we should be doing better, but by letting us know she experiences it too, it makes us feel less alone. This emotive guitar lead ballad of seismic quality is only taste of what the sonic palette of Carol Ades has to offer us, this debut is just the beginning.

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