Sally Boy – Chess & Checkers


It’s been almost a year since Sally Boy set the alternative pop scene alight with his buttered up vocals and lullaby styled guitar melodies within his self-titled debut. Since then the only way for this has been up, his debut project EREZ effortlessly blended artful cinematic storytelling with a loved up yet melancholia inducing soundscape with an intimate atmosphere that showcased his unwavering vulnerability. He invited us as guests into his world and he’s now putting up real estate to make us want to move their for good with his latest melodic number that will have you feeling like you’re floating on air.

Playing on the metaphor of board games being a symbol of toxic relationships, sweeping the board before resembling the pieces to play the game over and over again, Chess & Checkers is a deeply poignant number. Flexing his songwriting muscles, the lyrics relish this moment of deciding the game is over and you don’t want to play anymore, before you find yourself reassembling all the pieces again to have one last go at it. The apt wordplay is highlighted by the looping drum beat that puts more emphasis on his airy vocal tone that makes the narrative all the more poignant as the catchy hook gets lodged in the crevasse of your skull for weeks to come.

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