Julian Daniel – Anxiety


It’s okay not to be okay, that’s the message behind Julian Daniel’s latest vibrant yet emotionally charged single Anxiety. When the pandemic original hit he decided to go off grid, removing himself from the overwhelming chaos, coming from the outside world, to instead focus on himself. No social media, no listening other music, just himself and the journals where he chronicled his inner most thoughts and the anxiety attacks he experienced on a regular basis, so much so they seemed almost inescapable. Unashamedly he candidly opens up to help remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues like anxiety, confessing his own fears of what others would think of him but never being ashamed or scared to talk about it. That is what makes this track something special.

Entering his vibrant world we’re greeted by a colourful soundscape filled with charisma that perfectly encapsulates Daniel’s carefree personality. The somber narrative delivers an intimate feel as he pulls back the curtain on the inner workings of his mind, however this is contrasted by the upbeat and utterly joyful production that adds another bit of zest to the affair whilst simultaneously putting some pep back in your step. Whether it be emotionally connecting with the heartfelt poetic lyrics that candidly discuss mental health like they’re talking to a close friend or the buoyant atmosphere that makes you want to blast this out in the car whilst singing at the top of your lungs, Julian Daniel has created a true anthem.

“I wrote this song with a good friend of mine, Maddy. I expressed to her how I was struggling with feelings anxiety. Which progressed over a quarantine. I wanted to write something about what it was like to live a day in my shoes. I told her the story’s of the anxiety attacks that I was having, and the fear of people judging and assuming things about me. Maddy listened to every word I said and she assured me that my fears were exactly that, just fears. We got to writing and created a masterpiece.”

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