Brevin Kim – NAPLES


With the genre bending blood brothers Brevin Kim you never fully know what you’re going to get when they release a new track. Their multifaceted soundscape is known for morphing to fit whatever story they want to tell as they consistently push the boundaries of music that makes their sound near impossible to pin down to one lane. Their unorthodox sound and distinct identity has seen them grow a cult like fanbase who fall head over heels every-time they drop another unconventional anthem that has them, and us for that matter, playing it on repeat for weeks, and occasionally months, on end. They’re one of the most exciting acts in the music world right now and their latest release only amplifies that fact.

Filled with mutated electronics and warped autotune enhanced vocals, NAPLES is an emotionally raw track with striking lyrics that pierce through the solemn soundscape like a dagger through the heart as their enticing melodies pull you further in their sonic world. They’re the prime example of how an artist who’s doing something unique and exciting can go from dropping tracks on Soundcloud to being one of the most talked about rising talents around. Looking at everything through an avant-garde lens, Brevin Kim are ready to become a global phenomenon.

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