wayfie – I Just Wanna See My Friends


With a refreshingly raw and honest style of songwriting, the Canadian musician wayfie creates sonic portraits that captures the essence of emotion across the human spectrum that allows us to see ourselves within his emotively distinct storytelling. Whether it be something so heartwarming it makes you feel like love is radiating all round you or something emotionally devastating that will have you crying into your pillow at 2AM in the morning, wayfie does what countless artists try but fail to do. He makes you feel something that strikes you at your core and leaves an everlasting impact. It’s heartfelt music that is utterly sublime and his latest release is further proof of this.

I Just Wanna See My Friends focuses on the emotional crux we’ve all be experiencing whilst in lockdown, missing our friends. All we want to do is reunite with them, not to do anything grand or big but to just enjoy their company by talking the day away and feeling utterly at peace once more. The tender verses get this sadness across perfectly with the anthemic chorus contrasting this by showing the euphoria we’ll undoubtably feel once we’re reunited with them as the choral chants belt out, “Hey you you’re my best friend I really wanna see ya.” An anthem that’ll soundtrack many heartfelt reunions.

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