BLK are as bold and brilliant as their namesake. Unapologetically themselves, fearlessly confident and undeniably cool, they’re ushering in a new era of girl group dominance with their sound empowering young women across the globe to be unashamedly themselves with the same resonating impact that the Spice Girl’s had when they began their global dominance. There is no template for what they’re doing, they’re blazing a trail and changing the narrative on what a conventional girl band should be by providing an authentic message that is as real as their friendship and chemistry is. They’re not chasing a specific sound or trying to be like the icons of old, they’re being 100% themselves and that’s what makes them so incredible.

Continuing to be a breath of fresh air with their hypnotising new track, FWM is a lusciously toned R&B track ladened with irresistible layered harmonies sending chills dancing down my spine and flashbacks to the 90’s as their collective lyrical prowess empowers anybody who listens. The velvety smooth soundscape is a divine listen that offers irresistible vibes and cements them as one of hottest acts coming out of Canada right now. They’re showing a new generation that there is not one archetype for a woman, you can be whoever you want to be.


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