Mia Nicolai – People Pleaser

With an adventurous attitude, a hunger for new experiences and tackling any obstacle that got in her way with a fearless approach, the Dutch musician Mia Nicolai has made a name for herself with her brand of raw unpolished pop music that defies the rules set out by predecessors before her. The escapism she offers within her music is distinctly her own as she playfully lures you into her sonic universe through her perfectly poised vocals and buoyant production with her defiant lyrics being our humble narrator on this journey into the unknown. Having already captured the hearts of thousands globally it looks likely that she’ll soon have an army of fans at her disposal with the release of People Pleaser.

Thematically focusing on self discovery and the journey we all take to discover who we truly are, Nicolai confesses to us all how she’s always been a people pleaser and is now trying to defy that part of her brain to stay true to whom she believes she is. The bubbling chorus of shimmering synth melodies offers an uplifting message that tells you no matter what stage you are at in this journey you’re undertaking, it’ll all be okay as this is a trek that we’ll all be going on throughout our life. Addictively catchy, joyously jubilant and solemnly intimate, this track is the crown jewel in Mia Nicolai’s songwriting crown with the sincerity she offers within it.

“This song is about the journey towards finding yourself,” Mia Nicolai explains. “It can be very difficult to be true to your inner values when all you do is please the people around you instead of your inner needs. I’ve always come across as a strong-minded person. But In reality, I’m capable of helping everyone BUT myself. At some point I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin that I couldn’t even breathe properly.”

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