Over the years the Portland born and raised artist ANDRÉ has been steadily dropping an abundance of tracks on YouTube that showcased his infectiously buoyant soundscape that is filled with strong vibes and vibrants melodies as his lusciously toned vocal glided over it all like Tonya Harding across the ice. His artistic vision goes far beyond his music though with him collaborating with the director Eddie Lee Wollrabe, his brother, on each of his release to marinate the visuals and music together, giving ANDRÉ a brand before he’d even officially released his first single. His enthralling sonic portraits are sensational and as he debuts his new artistic vision today, you’ll be left begging for more.

The cadence he carries within MAY is something to be admired with his heart on sleeve lyricisms allowing him to bare his soul to us as he artfully sonically portrays the love he is hoping to receive. His charisma filled soft spoken vocal performance graces out ears as the subtly infectious rhythmic beats dance across the vibrant soundscape that you’ll soon become enamoured by. Hard to ignore, ANDRÉ is here to let us know that this love might not make it to May but his music will be timeless.

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