NOT THE MAIN CHARACTERS are the pop group for the internet era with their name literally being a Tik Tok meme. The four college friends all found different paths into music with Gabi Gotts writing music from the age of 8, Tammy Gonzalez songwriting with friends from school, Perrin Xthona writing a ton of emo poetry and Nathaniel Clay getting into producing in middle school thanks to EDM. However the four never saw themselves as artists until they began to work together, that was the moment they all realised they struck gold. They were able to create freely with each other, bouncing ideas off one another and before too long they’d developed their own signature sound.

Born from satire, their music is perfect for online culture as they playfully poke fun at a range of subjects as well as the absurdity that comes with the internet. Their most popular track bev hills is a cynical look at L.A culture, from the fashionista looks to the obsession over wanting to live and die in the city of angels, it’s scary how many people will actually relate to this track. It comes as no surprise then that their latest release continues that trend in a much more sinister style.

Murder Party is their own personal middle finger to the boys who wronged them in the past and how they’re slowly luring them into a trap where they will cut them out of their lives in some of the most beautifully evil ways imaginable. It’s short but sweet with the track clocking in at just over two minutes but you’ll find yourself humming and singing the hook of the track long after the music has stopped playing. A glistening production comprised of hyper pop influenced synths and slightly ominous electronics give the honey-drizzled pop royalty vocals a dynamic backing to let the slick lyricisms truly shine throughout.

Yes this group might not be the main characters, but they’re certainly an Oscar winning ensemble.