Rocco – Clouds


17 year old New Jersey native Rocco has been built a strong and loyal fanbase globally through his ability to craft songs based around the new age adolescent experience. Inspired by the likes of Clairo and Rex Orange County he fills his pieces with emotive storytelling that compels the listener to discover more about not only his sound but themselves in the process. Like adolescence, he takes you on a journey of self discovery to the point where as his music ends you begin to realise more about yourself that you’d never questioned before.

However there is one reoccurring theme to his music and that is teenage love with his previous release Stuck being about the annoying aspects of failing to find that special someone and the follow up Unreciprocated Love being about trying to get that certain someone to love you the same way. Both focus on the more melancholy side of love but he looks at it in a refreshing new light in Clouds.

The dreamy piece is about the first descent into teenage romance. Your feet, once being planted firmly on the ground, are now floating up to the sky as you experience the underlying fear of these feeling before diving head first into the euphoric bliss these emotions can bring. The world below doesn’t matter as you blissfuly soar over it all with the melodic guitars and honey drizzled synths provide your backing music as Rocco narrates this experience through his earnest vocals.

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