carolesdaughter – violent


18-year-old Southern California singer, songwriter carolesdaughter, born Thea Taylor, translates turmoil and disorder into oddly soothing pieces of alternative pop. Throughout her life she often felt like an outsider where she would spend a large part of her turbulent youth hopping between schools before eventually deciding to drop out, this lead to her widening her musical palette and stumbling upon the world of punk, hardcore, and goth. During this time she went on multiple trips to rehab before discovering that music was what she wanted to pursue which allowed her to become the unapologetic heroine we know and love today.

Her latest track is titled violent and came about because of a toxic relationship she was apart of and this track was her cathartic release that allowed her pent up resent to finally be released. Somber 808s melt together with a raw acoustic guitar melodies as she delivers these vengeful and fury filled lyrics with her ethereal vocal, adding another spellbinding dynamic to the violently innocent piece. This is only the beginning of carolesdaughter who’s quirkily haunting and demonic sound stands out amongst the crowd in the best way imaginable.

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