Yuki Dreams Again – Too Fast


While Club Quarantine has had many iterations as disco, Yuki Dreams Again (otherwise known as Samuel Bocan-Biddle) took a step back from the trends to build his own dancefloor from scratch. From the smoke-machine reverb to the four-on-the-floor beat, its takes shape right at the start: A shared pulse in the buried thump of a drum, the tension in a gaze held underneath strobe lights that drowns out all other sound, the octave-jumping and disorienting euphoria of skin-against-skin friction that leaves you breathless.

And it does. YDA returns to his lower register, just enough momentum to return a wink (“All the control I could have if I would play games with you”). The last time a single channeled the electrifying and addictive energy of a club like this was back in 2015 with “Magnets”; now seems like as good a time as any, perhaps even more so, to bring it back, put it into the full frenetic throttle of the chorus. But it’s not love that YDA surrenders to; it’s his own self, giving into every impulse of the night and stepping on the pedal to drive off Too Fast. Or maybe not: We’re already right behind him.

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