Lucia & The Best Boys – Forever Forget

After releasing two singles in anticipation of their newest EP The State of Things , the three-piece band (Lucia Fairfull: guitar/vocals, Alasdair Scott: drums, Chris Ballantyne: bass) has finally revealed the ace up their sleeve. Explosive yet intimate, Forever Forget fights against heartbreak with New Wave shrapnel, Fairfull’s voice cracking for a split-second in the curtain-opener-colossal chorus of synths, drums, and guitar. All of this becomes stripped down to the single-note pluck of a bass for the second verse in some paradox of love, how lightning-bolt intense it feels, bigger than this world, yet shared only between two imperfect corporeal vessels. But the most wrenching lines are the ones Fairfull mutters to herself before the stadium lights come back on: “It’s better to escape than to pretend.” It is no longer a question of whether to forgive or forget heartbreak; Lucia & The Best Boys make the answer clear.  

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