Priya Ragu – Good Love 2.0


The rising Swiss, born to Sri Lankan parents, singer and songwriter Priya Ragu immediately caught my attention when I stumbled across her TED Talks performance in Zurich on YouTube with her vibrant soundscape in tracks like Lighthouse and Leaf High leaving me utterly entranced. She shared her story about how she went to fulfil her dream of becoming a musician which spoke to me in incredible way and today I get to experience the full passionate nature of her sound with the release of the track Good Love 2.0.

The track starts off with this silky smooth R&B infused pop sound that allows the divine nature of her tone to take flight before flipping the script and adding south asian flair through rhythmic drum beats and groovy strings to the final minute of the track that had me on my knees and begging for more. This is an excited and innovative sound that pushes the boundaries within this genre whilst packing one hell of a punch. Priya Ragu, an artist who looks like they could do some amazing things.

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