The K’s – TV


If adolescence is a state of mind, then The K’s have mastered it on TV, from the desire to fit in and belong at the price of self-comprise (“Superficiality’s affecting my morality”), to the escapism of Netflix and nostalgia (“TV, won’t you mold me into the person that I dreamed I’d be when I was younger?”). Frontman Jamie Boyle and guitarist Ryan Breslin supercharge each chorus with electrifying belts and riffs while bassist Dexter Baker and drummer Jordan Holden keep their foot on the gas during the verses.

Frontman Jamie said of the track,“I wrote ‘TV’ probably at the back end of last year. It’s about the way we are sold a completely blurred version of reality through the TV. They show us these “perfect” lives of celebrities and try to portray it as real life, but when you’re younger you tend to believe it and believe that’s the life that you should aim for. As you get older though you start to realise it’s all bollocks though.

The quartet, formed in 2017, has only been together for three years since the release of the melodically similar Saravejo, but garage rock has never felt so free, restless, and stadium-ready.

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