Sola – White Space


We’ve mentioned consistently in the past that Sola has one of the best vocals in the music industry right, her tone is out of this world with it being reminiscent of Sade whilst her evocative passion she puts into each lyric feels like the reincarnation of Nina Simone. When you hear her on the radio you know straight away that it’s Sola and it’s the same with her sonic environment as it fuses modern Nu Soul with some retro R&B to have me swooning from start to finish.

Today she’s unveiled her latest single titled White Space which was inspired after Sola observed the role of female characters in Nollywood movies as she explains, “I wrote this song after binging Nollywood movies. The female protagonists are often quite psycho and go through extreme lengths to punish their unfaithful lovers. They usually end up poisoning them dead (I don’t reach that level of crazy in the song but I’m embracing the chaotic energy haha). The ‘space between’ vocal sample comes from another song I wrote and ended up fusing together with this song.

There’s a sensual atmosphere in this track that’s created through the jazz influenced production of scintillating piano keys, a swooning brass section and spaced out synths. The smokey production gently caresses her vocal as the deep tones she delivers continually send shivers down my spine whilst the poetic vocals take me to another world. It’s easy to see why Future Bounce signed her and why so many have fallen for her divine sound.

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