Caroline Culver – I Went Out With A Man

Caroline Culver only has two songs in her back catalogue right now but both of those songs have so how undeniably talented this rising musician is. Her high flying and bombastic brand of alternative rock was made for stadiums around the globe with her piercingly beautiful vocal evoking so much passion and raw unadulterated emotion that pulls you into her sonic universe in a heartbeat. Earlier this year she release Honest, an intimate and powerful single that made us sit up and take note of this star in the making but her follow up single I Went Out With A Man is one of the best releases of 2020 hands down.

“I had expectations that this date and this guy would be really mature and the date would feel very different than being with someone my age,” she explains about the track. “But I guess to be honest I was disappointed with how much going out with this man was just like going out with any other boy. Ultimately, this song is an anthem for single girls dating around in their twenties and all the excitement it brings.”

It’s a somber start with the soft tones of an electric guitar leading the production as her tender vocal delivers the provocative lyrics that hit you like the final blow in a prize winning fight. Then we enter the explosive chorus with bombastic guitar riffs launching the track into life along with hard-hitting drum beats as Culver’s celestial vocal pierces through it all with undeniable passion alongside it. It’s start off hesitant, explodes into life and ends with Culver reflecting on this dating experience and what’s learnt from it. Keep an eye on this artist, she is something special.

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