Seint Monet – 32 Degrees


In her debut track Bloom the New Jersey native Seint Monet impressed us with the amount of class and elegancy she brought to the pop sound with her honest lyrical prowess, ethereal vocal tone and slight soul edge she provided to the soundscape she crafted. It showed such incredible promise and her second single 32 Degrees still has this elegance about it but has more of an addictive pop flair to it that makes it something I could easily challenging for a top forty in the charts.

“32 Degrees is about my experience when I first moved to Nashville,” Seint Monet begins to explain. “A lot of the people I met seemed to seek out drama and gossip. It made me feel like I was back in high school, hence the 973. Our goal with this song and music video is for listeners to let loose and join in on the no b.s. attitude that New Jersey has.

This is a different side to the artist but it still has that Seint Monet stamp on it that just gets you invested in her sound. With swirling electronic melodies, slick beats and a nostalgic atmosphere that has me thinking back to 90’s R&B, there’s genuinely something for everyone within this track. Dive into her sound today and experience the joy of it all for yourself.

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