Sky McCreery – Things We Don’t Talk About

Monday, May 16, 2022

18 year old singer songwriter and producer Sky McCreery is a highly impressive talent with the young musician being entirely self taught artist who learned all aspects of the creative process at a young age. By doing all this McCreery has proven himself to be wise beyond his years both in producing music and writing it as well with his heartfelt lyricisms speaking to the masses with his candid delivery.

He’s already released a string a gorgeous singles in 2020 and has now compiled them all together in his latest EP titled Things We Don’t Talk About. The project details the effect that love and heartbreak can have on the human condition, be it the first time you felt butterflies in your stomach, loving nights spent next to one another or untimely end that left you with more questions than answers. He deals with it all in this EP.

Throughout his honest story telling shines with I Remember (his latest track) being the piece that highlights this the most with his earnest vocal and melodic production making his lyrics come to life. That is exactly what makes him so captivating, the way he tells these tales, each one leaves you entranced by what is going on as the lyrics wrap themselves around you in a flurry of brilliance that leaves a long lasting impact on you even when the EP comes to an end.

Each track will hit you in a different way and, in the end, isn’t that what love is all about? How each person you make an connection with, whether that be long or short term, changes you and becomes someone who you’ll always be carrying with you, even if you haven’t thought of them in years. McCreery is an old soul and this EP expertly demonstrates this.

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