Kadeema – Napoleon Tornapart

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Energetic alternative pop rock tracks are Kadeema’s speciality with their music being an explosion of uncontainable energy that will have you jumping up and down for joy within mere seconds. They have an addictive production as well as sarcastic yet fun lyricisms that perfectly encapsulate their sound that has managed to capture the hearts of fans on both sides of the Atlantic.

Last week they dropped their debut EP titled Napoleon Tornapart (great pun might I add) and it’s everything that we need right now. It’s a punchy affair that has a continuous momentum that never stops with tongue in cheek lyrics and empowering rock melodies as well as hooks that have an inane ability to wriggle their way into your head to the point where no matter what you’re doing you’ll find yourself silent humming one of their hooks.

The opening track Good Lies is filled with dizzy highs and crushing lows that makes it feel like one of the best musical rollercoasters around and is briefly followed by their debut Gotta Get It featuring lyrics filled with clever observations as well as a strong sense of wit and an insatiable groove that makes you want to dance along like no one is watching.

You’ve also got numbers that are reminiscent of hard rock bands like Royal Blood with Beat Up Car and Skeleton having a gritty rawness to them and bombastic melodies that make them both pure rock stadium anthems. On the flip-side though you’ve also got more stripped back numbers like Doin’ It Right which feels like it could feature at the end of an emotional episode in a CW show or a classic Rom Com.

Overall this duo know what they’re doing and the more they release the more fascinated by their sound I become and the second lockdown is over in the UK these guys are the first live act I want to see.

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