Sally Boy – Sally Boy

I always say that an artists debut is the most important track they’ll ever release as it is your introduction to the world, in the first single they’ll know your sound, personality and story, essentially everything that makes you who you are. Well today Sally Boy has exploded onto the scene with his outstanding debut single that has raised the bar for what I’m expecting from debuts because their is something just so mesmerising about his debut that has me utterly enthralled.

The piece starts off with a lullaby styled guitar melody that gently drifts along throughout as his soulful vocals make you feel like you’re floating on air and together but you into a dream like state. However at the halfway mark we get a twist, a sweeping cinematic effect comes in that transfers us over to a fully fledged produced track featuring slick guitar melodies and somber synth beats that add an extra level to the ambience surrounding the track. Stellar debut from a stellar new artist.

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