Orlando – Summer Thing

We’ve all had those holiday crushes where we’ve seen some across the pool then slowly developed an infatuation for them and before too long you find they invade your every thought as you wonder if they feel the same. That whole theme is the subject matter for Orlando’s latest single, that builds on the success of his track Kanye Owns the Moon, and is set to become a summer holiday must titled Summer Thing.

“On ‘Summer Thing’ I wanted to convey that feeling of a holiday crush,” Orlando begins to explain. “When you see someone across the beach, or a few seats down the plane and are immediately transfixed for your whole holiday – do they feel the same? It’s crazy how quickly your imagination fills in all the gaps and makes them the perfect person for you. Summer is a time for dreaming and a gloss over reality.”

The hazy production mixed with the lo-fi sounds, subtle jazz melodies and a retro R&B feel creates a cathartic experience where you close your eyes and find yourself transported to glorious summers day, lying down in the sun tanning as your worries just melt away. His brand of bedroom pop allows his lyrical talent to be put on full display as his tenderly placed vocal, reminiscent of Rex Orange County, delivers them in such a lovelorn way that this summer romance begins to come to life before your very eyes.

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