Joaquin Caste – Be With You

Back in 2019 the 17 year old Argentinian musician Joaquin Caste provided us all with a mesmerising debut EP that brought his hypnotic pop sound and soulfully toned vocal into the spotlight whilst simultaneously making us instant fans. His emotionally evocative voice makes the lyrics come to life before your very eyes as the sparse production creates a high level of intimacy that enhances those emotions further. If you’re into artists like Thomas Azier and Lewis Capaldi then Joaquin Caste is an artist you’re gonna want to dive head first into.

Be With You, his latest single, is a naturally romantic song that tells a story reminiscent of the times lovers were together and how Caste still wants to be at her side during the dark nights. It’s a melancholy love song that focuses on the beauty of hindsight, how those little moments we’d take for grants in a relationship, like just lying down intertwined with one another, become the thing you crave most. It’s simple, elegant and continues to really set Joaquin as one of the hottest artists around right now.

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