BLK – Got It


BLK are one of those girlbands where it only requires on listen of their music to realise they’re onto something special. They combine the lush harmonies reminiscent of classic R&B girl groups of the past such as En Vogue but add a fresh perspective with the clever lyricisms they deliver and the individual flair each member adds to their music. They’ve only released one track so far in the form of Got It but it’s all you need to hear to see the potential these girls possess and that this is only going to grow.

Their debut offers you insight into each one of their personalities as artists, an informal introduction if you will, showing off Bexk as the queen of lyrical wordplay, Lilac X as the goddess of taking command with her melodically inclined vocal and the heroine Korahjay with her emotionally honest and lush voice. Combine them all together and you’ve got BLK, the girl band who look like they’re going to be blazing the trail for the next generation of R&B groups in this world.

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