Yorxe has already demonstrated in her previous singles that she’s able to craft creative songs with a strong lyrical prowess that some artists would kill to have, so it’s no real surprise that her latest single Hide Your Bodies continues this trend. I mean if you want more proof then just listen to her whole discography as there isn’t a bad song in there.

The ominous production of this track is definitely one of its strong points, it even has an air of The Weeknd’s single The Hills to it with forbidding beats coming together with the sinister nature of her vocals to create quite a menacing yet enthralling sound. It could easily belong in a scene from a CW show like The Vampire Diaries or Riverdale with that dramatic nature behind it and her lyrics adding more weight to the images unfolding in front of you. It’s no doubt that Yorxe has hit it out of the park once again.

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