Long distances relationships suck, there’s no other way of saying it but nothing is worse than just talking to that person through the phone and not seeing them in person as often as you would like to. However in French producer Timsters case he’d be overjoyed if his lover would just answer the phone as he ironically foresees the difficulty of being in a forced long distance relationship in Call Now, Amor: +33977555577.

The deep synth beats have this luscious groove to them that easily gets my head bopping along to the melody, especially when the production kicks up a gear in that first chorus. Both Timsters and Jeannel shine in the vocal department with one showing the more hopeful side while the other focuses on the slightly more melancholy element of this situation and when they both come together at the end it is utterly divine. Add in a gorgeous aesthetically pleasing music video and this track is both sonically and visually pleasing.

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