Loss. It’s something that throughout our life we will all end up experiencing and no matter who we are we’ll never truly know how to express our feelings during those times. It’s hard to put into words that feeling but then we’ve got artists like Carmody who put it into music for us with her poetically written and emotionally vulnerable track More Than I Miss You being a prime example of this.

More than I Miss You is about how words are incapable of expressing the weight of absence,” Carmody explains. “It’s about the distance that comes between you and someone you love. It’s about how to hold to that love and retain that relationship no matter the borders that threaten to divide you.”

Throughout the single Carmody’s vocal shines with it being filled to the brim with emotion to the point where every lyrics makes you feel like you’re being hit by a tidal wave of heartbreak. This high level of tender emotion is only enhanced further by the delicate refrain of the production with the melancholy atmosphere being built through the use of twisted harmonies, a adorn guitar melody and softly layered instrumentation that launches this track into new realms that makes it utterly enthralling.

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