Bad Actor is one of those musicians who manages to make music seem as easy as breathing because every track he’s released so far has been utterly incredible. Even when he covers songs, like how he did with Sigrid’s song Strangers, they’re just spellbounding and feel like they’re his own original song. Everything he touches just turns to gold in an instant.

As you can imagine then his latest offering What You Came For continues this trend with these classic dance styled vocals that get your heading bopping along to the melody almost instantly. Then you’ve got the production that is a weird hybrid of early 00’s dance music and the modern indie electronica scene which gives this track a nostalgic, raw and contemporary feeling all at the same time. It’s quite extraordinary.

Then you’ve got the music video which is innovation at its finest where he simply uses Instagram face filters to create a music video that, if you didn’t tell us, we’d fully believe was produced using the entire Adobe suite. It’s a stroke of genius that is the cherry on top to this wonderful track.

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