We often meet people throughout our life that will challenge us, they’ll make us struggle, they’ll hurt us and they’ll test our patience to an extent that you’ve never experienced before. We will sometimes hold onto the resentment of those people for days, weeks and sometimes months to come but Glenn Thomas encourages us in Catherine Ames to let go of these grudges, move on and realise that although the damage remains they showed us what we could push through and overcome.

“This song takes its name from the antagonist in John Steinbeck’s East of Eden, Cathy Ames. She’s pretty evil, and causes a lot of pain for the main character,” Glenn Thomas explains. “This song is about holding on to pain and anger as though they are part of your identity. Forgiveness is not the same as forgetting, and as with any kind of healing and moving forward, it takes time. There was a moment for me when I realized I wasn’t holding onto something in my past that hurt me and had become part of me for years, and it was a really cathartic thing to write about. I pulled Steinbeck’s character’s name because there is a similar theme of resolution and moving forward in that story that was relatable, and he’s one of my favorite American authors.”

It’s the lyrics that really do make this track something special, in a way they’re actually quite poetic with them telling this story quite effortlessly but still allowing the listener to relate this to their own personal experiences. The intimate production only adds to this further with it feels like Glenn Thomas is sat down at a bar telling you all about this event himself with his tender vocals being that cherry on top that makes this track something quite enthralling.

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