We’ve all been in a situation where we really like someone and want to confess our feelings to them… but we also have no idea if they like us back and would prefer to just admire the view than put our heart on the line. It’s a sucky situation to be in but the American artist Lyrah makes us feel less alone with her swirling electro pop number The View which perfectly captures the innocence and self doubt of these moments.

If you’ve ever had those moments where you’re trying to decode how someone feels about you, as you spend every moment with them, then this song is for you,” Lyrah explains. “At some point, we all pretend we’re just enamored by the pretty view of the city. You can’t swoon so obviously haha you gotta project that elsewhere.

There’s an elegant R&B tinge to this production that, when combined with Lyrah’s slightly more seductive vocals, adds more to this lustful feeling you have towards this person. Lyrically it’s honest and relatable with them discussing the subtle ways of hiding our feelings, the ways we notice them staring at us and the way we feel about them. Combine all that with the little whispers and chuckles of a couple and the end and you’ve got a sweet, sensual and beautifully made single.

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