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A past relationship inspires Gia Woods’ latest single “Ego”


For a while now Gia Woods, a queer persian artist, has been becoming a strong voice in the LGBTQ+ community. She would often hide parts of herself from her Persian family and community which is why she makes sure that she is 100% herself as an artist. She doesn’t care what people think, she’s just herself in her music and she effortlessly expresses this in her latest offering Ego.

“I wrote ‘Ego’ about a past relationship,” Gia Woods explains. “It felt like a never ending cycle of ego trips and with that comes a lot of power struggles and pettiness. When two people have big egos, there’s almost never a solution. You’re just in a constant state of fighting and ignoring the obvious. For my EP ‘Cut Season’ I wanted to dive into all the toxic people I felt I was surrounded by and emotional patterns I noticed in other people and even in myself. These were reasons to cut them out one by one.”

The need for control can often poison a relationship and Woods expresses that through her lyrics that dive into the negative effects toxic people around you can have on yourself. Her vocals have a commanding presence on the track, the second you hear them you get drawn in until the very end where you’re left begging for more.

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