I will say that I didn’t expect to listen to a song about the ramifications of having sex on a reality show today but, honestly, I’m very happy I did. The Norwegian daze-pop band Great News are known for creating sun soaked pieces of music that are filled with energy and woozy guitar melodies that are damn near irresistible so it’s no surprise that their latest single Reality Show is an anthem for the summer of 2020.

“It’s that story about the guy who doesn’t foresee the impact joining a reality show has for his future,” the bands lyricist Even Kjelby explains. “He’s also bitter because he realizes that the whole world watched him make all these bad decisions and that’s what he’ll forever be known for. The dude who had sex on TV.”

What I like a lot is the juxtaposing nature of the track as the production makes you think it’s a happy go lucky single but the lyrics offer a more emotionally raw aspect of the track which creates an superb dynamic. Combine that with the lyrical paradoxes that come with having platforms like this in the modern age with social media and you’ve got a track we’ll be playing on repeat for weeks to come.

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