Queer pop band ELM are undeniably one of the best pop acts out there right now because every track that release is simply divine, there’s no other way to describe them. They produce truly honest LGBTQ+ anthems and have done ever since their debut, so it’s no real surprise that their latest offering Golden is a self empowering anthem that is all about celebrating and loving every part of yourself.

“GOLDEN represents much more than a colour,” ELM explain. “It has become our mantra to remind ourselves to unapologetically love each and every part of our body. In a world that constantly tries to define what way we should look and present ourselves, ‘GOLDEN’ promotes the power and beauty of individualism.”

Lyrically this track is beautiful with these wonderfully poignant lyrics reminding you that everyone should treat themselves and others like a work of art. The productions is a mix of Clean Bandit with the strings effortlessly melting into the production mixed with a bit of uplifting pop nature of Years & Years to create a simply intoxicating sound. Combine all that with colourful and quite aesthetically pleasing music video and you’ve got something rather special from this band.

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