Danish artist Marie Dahlstrom has been steadily releasing music for a few years now and today she’s finally announced she’ll soon be releasing her debut album titled Like Sand and honestly we could not be more excited to hear more her luscious brand of alternative R&B. To celebrate her debut she’s released the title track of the album featuring Beau Diako and, as expected, it’s a luscious listen.

“Like Sand is a song about fear,” Marie explains. “It’s about caring about someone – but expressing it in the wrong way – the fear of losing. It is something I think a lot of people can relate to; either being treated this way – or treating someone this way. Fundamentally, it is very human to fear loss, but holding on to someone too tight, will only make them hold on to you a little less. With this song, I hope that people who are treating their loved ones this way will meet this behaviour and feeling with patience, awareness and willingness to change.”

The production of the track is utterly superb with these little licks of an electric guitar being reminiscent of some old school blues tracks, with the chill hop styling of the synth beats and the smokey jazz atmosphere that ties the whole track together. Dahlstrom’s voice has an undeniably luscious tone to it that simply soars over this production to the point that it makes you feel as if you’re floating. Combine all that with these poetic lyrics and you’ve got a simply outstanding piece of music.

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