With Valentines days coming up soon you know there’s going to be a lot of songs about love coming out but equally so there’s going to be even more about heartbreak and I don’t think we’ll be seeing another one that can hit the same level of emotional turmoil that British artist Selin has demonstrated in her new single Heart in Two.

For starters her voice oozes nothing but pain and heartfelt emotion to the point where you can almost hear her crying through the recording, that alone is ridiculously impressive but when you combine it with the meaning behind the track it becomes even more impressive. With the lyrics discussing the pain you suffer when the person or the passion in your life that you love so much, to the point where it consume you, ends up being the thing that breaks you and you slowly begin who you are without them. It’s powerful, it’s filled to the brim with emotion and I’m certain it will be the soundtrack of many break ups or emotional nights to come.

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